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About Us

Both Burnham Medical Centre and Berrow Medical Centre have been purpose built and are solely owned by the practice Partners, who rent out various parts of the premises to other health facilities. What we have created here at Burnham and Berrow is a highly talented, innovative team who are given the freedom to work in a way that suits them and provides the best possible care and support for our community.

We operate a supportive family atmosphere amongst the team; from reception and support staff through to the partners - we work closely together and allow everyone to make suggestions on improvements to how we work.

The practices are set amongst the wonderful and scenic community of Burnham and Berrow which has easy access to major cities such as Bristol and Cardiff, whilst being set on one of the UK's longest and most idyllic stretches of beaches and countryside. 


At the Burnham site in Love Lane in the heart of the town, we have the following facilities:

Burnham Medical Centre (Main GP site)

Day Lewis Pharmacy


At our state of the art Berrow Health Campus we have the following facilities:

Berrow Medical Centre (Branch GP site)

Day Lewis Pharmacy

Parkfield Dental Surgery - NHS Dentists

Mulberry Centre - elderly mental health unit

Belmont Rooms




Current Employees


Experienced Partners



the team



Stephen - Jan-19.jpg

Dr Stephen Miell - GP Partner

As Child & Adult Safeguarding Lead I'm ready to be called upon for advice by my colleagues.  I am always happy to listen and to make suggestions about how any challenges can be managed.

I work alongside our Health Visitor Child Safeguarding Lead and we meet weekly with admin support to discuss and work out ways to help families registered with us who may be having difficulties.

David - Jan-19.jpg

Dr David Boorman - GP Partner

As our GP Trainer, I am the Lead GP responsible for our ST3's education and training whilst in the Practice.  However, we strongly feel that training the GPs of the future is everyone's responsibility and we all help and support our new GPs. 

I am also Educational Supervisor for our future ST1 and ST2 and, as well as reviewing and assisting them with their educational portfolios, we are also pleased to welcome them on their Days in Practice so that they can meet the team and find out a bit more about us before they work with us full time.

We also help with in-Practice education for F2 Medical Students who can gain valuable experience and insight into the workings of General Practice during their 4-month work experience with us.

Wendy - Jan-19.jpg

Dr Wendy Fletcher - Salaried GP

I work alongside a member of the admin team who is responsible for writing up Significant Events in the Practice. These are then audited, alongside any new cancer diagnoses and discussed at our monthly Staff Training Sessions in protected time.  The team have access to the clinical records on a large screen during this discussion so that we can review together and agree any learning points or actions that the practice may need to take in the future to improve patient care.


We also review positive SEAs as it is equally important for us to celebrate things we have done well. 

I am interested in Palliative Care and take part in the weekly Palliative Care meetings with the Community Nurses and Hospice Nurse.

I am also interested in Women's Health and take an active lead in this within the Practice.

Burnham Lighthouse - Practice

Dr Sarah Johnson - Salaried GP

Awaiting photo

Burnham Lighthouse - Practice

Dr Alex Murray - Salaried GP

Awaiting photo

Deb - Jan-19.jpg

Management Partner

Some time ago I attended a study day and as part of this we looked at personality types and how you view life.  We were asked to chose a shape that reflected how you felt about (1) your home life and (2) your work life.  I chose a circle for both.  When we discussed our choices as a group the Tutor said that he had never seen an occasion when a person had chosen the same shape for both.  The circle reflected family and home.  Relates to the old wild west when they used to pull the wagons into a circle when they camped. 


Whilst we don’t live in each other’s pockets, there is a great feeling of family and home at the Practice

Terri - Jan-19.jpg

Practice Manager

Coming into work is a daily challenge, but in a good way ….. 

Lynne - Jan-19.jpg

Nurse Manager

The culture at BMC has taught me never to give up trying to do what you really want.

Working here you are able to achieve the best care for your patients and team combined with your own personal development. 

With the trust, inspiration, good leadership and respect, I don’t think you can go wrong.” and that’s what makes the difference I should know with 30 years’ experience of working at BMC

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