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Helping to train the GPs of the future 

We have been training GPs at Burnham & Berrow for the last few years.

Our current GP Trainer is David Boorman and, as well as being the main Trainer for ST3 GPs, he is also Educational Supervisor for our future ST1 and ST2 GPs.  We all like to welcome these new GPs into the Practice and to support them as they learn and grow.

GP training is not just down to one individual, it is a Practice responsibility and we all get involved with Education and Tutorials.  Just as important as the clinical base, is helping GPs to develop resilience in a busy working life and how best to utilise the skills and knowledge of other members of the team to support this.

Having just had our re-approval visit (25/1/19), we are pleased to say that both David and the Practice passed with flying colours and are not due a further visit for 6 years.

If you are interested in becoming involved in GP Training - perhaps even becoming a Trainer yourself - this would be the place to work.  Ideally, we would love to have 2 ST3s each year.

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