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A practical guide to being a successful GP partner

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

If you are considering the possibility of becoming a GP partner but are concerned about the risks and the benefits, the best way to overcome this is to go and visit a range of GP practices, meet the staff and have some open and frank conversations.

Whatever you decide is the best way forward for you, here at Burnham and Berrow MC we would welcome the time with you to explore options and help answer some of your questions

Here’s a little about what we could offer you. If you are a newly qualified GP, at Burnham & Berrow Medical Centre you’ll receive all the support and advice you need to give you the best chance of evolving into the GP that you aspire to be. Our GP’s are highly experienced and will give you the time that you need to observe and ask questions. To free up time to do this, we are making important changes to the way we work so that GPs can focus on what is important to them and where they can have the most benefit to our patients and community.

We all continue to be passionate about general practice and the huge value it brings to our patients. We don’t pretend that it’s not a challenging environment to work in, but we see this as a time of great opportunity to do things differently. We know that we need to be agile and adapt to the changing need and circumstance. As a partner, your contribution would be welcomed and we always encourage our team to try things out, experiment and learn. We want our staff to be stimulated, apply new ideas and be confident that they will be supported to do this.

We welcome GP’s who are interested in following a specialism e.g. diabetes, respiratory, CVD, or other fields. We will support you in the area that is of interest to you wherever possible.

As a GP at Burnham and Berrow MC you will be part of a cluster of GP practices who are working together to deliver new models of care. The main driver for this is to put the patient at the heart of what we deliver by providing the right care for them at the right time in a place that is right for them. This is an exciting time and one that you will be able to contribute towards.

We value the need for our staff to have a healthy work/life balance. The new innovations that we introduce, are not only to improve the care for our patients but also to free up time. This results in a working day that is enjoyable, interesting and manageable and the gives the ability to enjoy your spare time with family and friends.

Will I fit in?

When a team has worked together for a long time, they develop a ‘culture’ of working together. We recognise that this can be challenging for new comers and so we make every attempt to make new members of the team as relaxed as possible.

At Burnham & Berrow Medical Centre, we ensure that nobody commits until completing a trial period at the Practice. When joining a cohesive team it’s important that you are able to see yourself working with us. At the end of this, it is a joint decision to agree to continue.

It’s important to tune in to the rhythms of the different partners, who will all have their own individual personalities. Gently explore and consider the motivations of the other partners – they may have different outlooks on life and work, which will be reflected in their approach.

We operate with a flat structure, whereby everyone is empowered to have their say in how the Practice is run. Ultimately, it’s the partners that will be responsible for final decisions, but input and ideas are welcomed from all members of staff.

What should I expect to do to become a new partner?

We are looking to invite the right GP to become a partner in our practice. If you are interested, we would encourage you to consider what you can bring to the partnership to make it stronger. Our offer is that we support anyone wishing to explore this option and will accommodate their wishes if all partners agree that the candidate will contribute positively to the partnership.

It’s always a two way process. During the time you spend prior to agreeing a partnership, you will have observed some of what has been described already. You will have seen that partners can bring ideas, innovation, suggested improvements, who to recruit and how best to spend the money. The partnership takes the view that unique perspectives are crucial for progression as a business. All of this results in a rich working environment.

At the same time, don’t feel under pressure to make a difference straightaway. Your fellow partners will understand that change only comes with time so we will give you that time to settle and find your feet. From the outset, feel free to ask as questions to build your knowledge of what it’s really like to be a GP partner.

If you want some broad answers to some of the big questions around becoming a partner then reading the ‘Myth busting questions on partnerships for GP Trainees’ will help.


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Mike Wolfman, Senior Partner Mob: 07710 939 516

David Boorman, GP Partner Mob: 07799 627 763

Debbie Hale, Management Partner DD: 01278 772780

Terri Huxtable, Practice Manager DD: 01278 772781

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