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How to find success in GP partnerships

The recently published government review of the partnership model of general practice chaired by Dr Nigel Watson, explains the strengths and the challenges of front line general practice. Partners at Burnham and Berrow Medical Centre welcomed the report as it sheds light on the great stuff about being a partner and also the main concerns that newly trained GPs may fear. If you want some answers to some of the big questions around becoming a partner then reading the ‘Myth busting questions on partnerships for GP Trainees’ will help.

There are plenty of advantages that come with being a GP partner, which make it a serious proposition for any doctor who wants to get a sense of what it feels like to be their own boss.

As a partner, you’re responsible for running your own business, so the benefits reflect this, including the ability to make more money from the practice’s success. The latest figures from NHS Digital - which are now a few years old - revealed that GP partners earn around 10% more per year than their FTE GP peers.

There are different motivations to becoming a partner such as having a say in how the practice is run. Alongside the other partners at the practice, you’ll be able to make decisions on who to hire and which new services to offer patients.

Partnerships are particularly appealing to those doctors who want to seek a bit of stability, be it for the sake of their career, for their family, or in order to purchase a property. Being able to negotiate your own leave and finish the day early, if necessary, means that you have greater control over how you organise your life.

So what are the good things about becoming a partner at Burnham and Berrow MC?

The Burnham & Berrow Medical Centre has a small partnership team - currently four (three GPs and one non-clinical Management Partner). GP partners, like all staff at the practice, work across two partner-owned, high-quality modern sites. Because we own the premises outright (which include non-Notional Rent elements) the practice can make a generous income from renting out these areas to third-parties on long-term leases.

The partners recognise the importance of developing a shared vision so that staff members are pulling in the same direction while continuing to recognise the diversity of individual strengths, passions, knowledge and skills of the team.

We have created a positive and progressive culture where it is safe to challenge and bring new ideas and innovation. The partners are supported by an experienced management team, who bring their local knowledge and expertise to the decision table.

The findings in the partnership review reflect some of what we are addressing here at Burnham and Berrow MC in terms of workload, flexibility, work/life balance, training and development, mentoring, portfolio working, teamwork and collaboration. We have made a considerable impact on these areas of concern, in particular workload, and are excited about developing a Neighbourhood Team with our neighbouring practices and wider community.

We are now ready to take forward a strong and cohesive partnership to develop our ambitions and enhance even further the benefits of being a partner at Burnham and Berrow MC can offer.


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