Burnham & Berrow Medical Centre, Love Lane, Burnham-On-Sea, Somerset, TA8 1EU     

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Read About The Good Stuff

We are so pleased to have team members who are prepared to go the extra mile and use their initiative to make life better for our patients and staff


Here we showcase just a few of the changes we have made over the last few years.  Click on the photos to find out more

Sci Fi Dragon

Regular GPs

Voice Recognition Software in the Consulting Room
Lynne - Jan-19.jpg

Lucy & Lynne

Improving patient care for diabetic patients
Terri - Jan-19.jpg

Terri & Lynne

Urgent Care Day - improving access to same day care for patients - more time for clinicians
Lynne - Jan-19.jpg

Mike, David, Lynne, Lucy & Nicolle

Young Adult Clinic - Your Welcome Gold Award
Stuffed Animals

Dr Sarah Bridges

T&S NHS Trust

Paediatric Consultant Working in the Practice

Sarah & Lynne

Solving access to Pressure Relieving Equipment for our patients
Deb - Jan-19.jpg

Lynne & Debbie H

Introducing MSK Practitioners to the Practice
David - Jan-19 - Copy.jpg


GP Training Practice - training the GPs of the future
Stephen - Jan-19 - Copy.jpg

Partners, Terri & Lynne

Switching to 15 minute appointments for routine GP consultations
Wendy - Jan-19.jpg

Wendy, Sarah, Nick & Debbie Mc

Maximising safety for patients with a UTI – releasing time for clinicians


Senior Clinical Pharmacist

International Nurses Day 2019

Nursing Team