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Our Team Members

"I have been made to feel incredibly welcome here.  We all help and support each other" -  Gemma, Admin

"While I have worked at BMC I have been supported with attending study days, on line learning and in house learning" - Debbie, Practice Nurse

Lucy’s Story (Practice Nurse)


When I attended for my job interview as Practice Nurse at Burnham & Berrow Medical Centre my first impression was that there was an incredible sense of calm, despite knowing how busy the practice was. As I walked through the door every staff member I encountered was friendly, approachable and smiled. There was laughter and chatter between both clinical and admin staff, there did not appear to be any barriers but the impression was of one big team, a ‘family’. This brought a sense of comfort and reassurance to me; it was an atmosphere where I wanted to be and to work. My first impression stands true, almost 3 years later and the above all still applies.

"GP’s are really approachable and easy to talk to – you’re always treated as an equal" - Paula, HCA

"I have the great combination of working independently according to my clinical grade, and with the benefit of direct access to a designated GP and experienced colleagues throughout my working day" - Andy, PCP

"Not one day is the same, which means it keeps the job exciting and fresh" - Gabi, Receptionist

Nick’s story (Pharmacist)


A new patient came to see me.  He was a young man who was returning to Burnham from just outside London with a history of drug abuse.  His friends also had similar problems and so he had received no support.  As he told me his story he began to cry in the desperation to turn his life around.  He asked for support from the practice


This encounter left me feeling very emotional and upset and I found that I too had a cry to myself when I went home and felt at a loss as to whether I made any difference.


I shared my feelings with one of the doctors and asked if I was getting too emotional.  The doctor then shared with me his own stories of where he had cried when working with certain patients over the years.  He explained that knowing the difficulties that others face can be both inspiring and very sad.  I found this very helpful to know.


The young man continued to see me on a number of occasions and agreed to go on antidepressants.  I monitored him and reviewed his progress.  After some time of remaining drug free, we agree to stop the regular visits but leave the door open should he wish to talk with me.  Some months later I see his name on the contact list and I call him as I see he’s off the antidepressants.  It was so uplifting to hear that he was doing so well and didn’t need the antidepressants any more.


He thanked me for helping him since his return to Burnham.


This felt good on two levels.  First that I was able to support him and secondly, the gratitude I felt towards our doctor here who had opened up and shared his own experience.  It is good to know that even after working with patients for so many years, it can still touch your heart.

"I have been able to do flexible working that has enabled me to better manage childcare" -

Andy , PCP

"I recently had a bereavement and everyone including the GP Partners, Practice Manager and my work colleagues were so kind, thoughtful and understanding at such a difficult time for me" -

Jane, Records Clerk

"I can’t put a value on the level of trust that partners have shown me and the freedom to innovate" - Lynne, Nurse Manager

"Everyone works really hard, it is a brilliant surgery that I am proud to say I work at" - Gabi, Receptionist

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